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Setting user rights

Tutorial: which page/URL do I use?

You can embed 3 different pages in your website. Each one has different uses and advantages over the other ones. 1. The main application, You can set permissions and rights for each subuser individually. They need to visit your secret URL and login with their...

embed in your website

Tutorial: embed Sodadb in your website

There are two easy ways to embed your Sodadb database in your own website. 1. Embed in your website by using an iFrame (example is here) 2. Embed in your website by using a lightbox-like popup (example is here) And you can embed 3 different...

Embed a database

Sample website plugin

This post is outdated, please check this post: This is an example of the Sodadb API. In this case the visitor only has viewing rights. You can change this to: - view/add/edit all records - view/add/edit own records - view all records - view...