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Quick tip: Protect your database

by Derek on June 20, 2012

Your database is protected with a secret URL. But you can add extra security by visiting Option menu Protect your database. Type your emailaddress and click the protect button.

Is protecting your db with your e-mailaddress secure?
Your db is protected with your secret URL. But you can extend this with an emailaddress login protection.

How secure is this? Well, if you shared your secret URL, that person might also have your emailaddress. To prevent this you can create a free emailaddress specially for Sodadb. You can use for instance

Make sure to create a hard to guess address, like

You can forward all email in this mailbox to your default emailaccount.

To remove the extra protection visit Option menu Protect your database and click the unprotect button.

Protect your database

Protect your database

Remove the extra protection

Remove the extra protection

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