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Tutorial: Print (Avery) labels

You can’t print to labels directly from Sodadb (you can in

Sodadb is free

Why are Sodadb and Grubba free?

Believe it or not: get this question a lot. I like the...

Compare databases

Comparison table – Sodadb

Grubba vs Sodadb Grubba Sodadb Sodadb supporter Sodadb supporter+ Free $3,49 monthly...

Protect your database

Quick tip: Protect your database

Your database is protected with a secret URL. But you can add...

Set your formOnly preferences

Tutorial: let users fill out a form (formOnly)

Sometimes you just want people to fill out a form and that’s it. Great for surveys and such. You can do this with the formOnly option. Accessing the form is easy, just use this URL: SECRET KEY You can set preferences for your formOnly...

Export your data

Tutorial: export data

There are several ways to export your data in Sodadb. 1. Export all data Click Option menu – Export your data. Export all records Export to .csv or .txt Export search query Exports all records within a search query to .csv or .txt (coming soon)...

Link to Tutorial: import data

Tutorial: import data

This tutorial describes the easiest way to import your data in Sodadb. I’ll be using the excellent (and free!) OpenOffice Calc. I am sure it can be done in Microsoft Access too, but I don’t like Excel (I am not a big Microsoft fan, but...

embed in your website

Tutorial: embed Sodadb in your website

There are two easy ways to embed your Sodadb database in your own website. 1. Embed in your website by using an iFrame (example is here) 2. Embed in your website by using a lightbox-like popup (example is here) And you can embed 3 different...

Sodadb is free

Why are Sodadb and Grubba free?

Believe it or not: get this question a lot. I like the old skool non-commercial internet. Where people create software and applications simply because they can. I love open-source and donationware because it provides great software for everyone, regardless of their income…

Sodadb simple online database

Sodadb beta is live!

I’ve been developing Sodadb for a year now. As grubba and now Sodadb are my pet-projects, all work has to be done in my spare time. So now it’s time to stop polishing details and stop developing new options. It’s time to ask the Grubba...

Embed a database

Sample website plugin

This post is outdated, please check this post: This is an example of the Sodadb API. In this case the visitor only has viewing rights. You can change this to: - view/add/edit all records - view/add/edit own records - view all records - view...

Access database

Started private beta testing

All core features are done.  Yippikayee. I am a very happy puppy. Sure, there are enough things on my wishlist, but they will have to wait until  I have Sodadb up and running. Yesterday I started testing. This will take a few weeks. I hope...

Simple Online Database

The blog is … online!

This is my first post for this blog dedicated to online databases. What can you expect? * latest news about online database apps * latest news about * new features on Sodadb * explanation and tutorials for Sodadb