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Protect your database

Quick tip: Protect your database

Your database is protected with a secret URL. But you can add extra security by visiting Option menu – Protect your database. Type your emailaddress and click the protect button. Is protecting your db with your e-mailaddress secure? Your db is protected with your secret...

Open your saved queries

Quick tip: Save your search query

In Sodadb you can save your current searchquery. This is especially handy when you do complicated searches. More tips and information on how to perform searches can be found here and here To save a searchquery just do the query, either with the normal searchform...

simple database search

Quick tip: using wildcards in search

For normal searches you can use the normal searchform. Clicking this button opens the searchform. For more advanced searches, you can type the queries directly in the searchfield (see tutorial here ») For instance you have these fields: Object – Color Holding this data Clock...

Database name

Quick tip: change the name of the database

You can change the name of your database/form. This name is located in the hanging tab. Click Option Menu – Set your preferences – Your database name Type the name and click the save button. This will instantly change the name.