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Sodadb is free

Why are Sodadb and Grubba free?

Believe it or not: get this question a lot. I like the old skool non-commercial internet. Where people create software and applications simply because they can. I love open-source and donationware because it provides great software for everyone, regardless of their income…

Sodadb simple online database

Sodadb beta is live!

I’ve been developing Sodadb for a year now. As grubba and now Sodadb are my pet-projects, all work has to be done in my spare time. So now it’s time to stop polishing details and stop developing new options. It’s time to ask the Grubba...

Embed a database

Sample website plugin

This post is outdated, please check this post: This is an example of the Sodadb API. In this case the visitor only has viewing rights. You can change this to: - view/add/edit all records - view/add/edit own records - view all records - view...

Access database

Started private beta testing

All core features are done.  Yippikayee. I am a very happy puppy. Sure, there are enough things on my wishlist, but they will have to wait until  I have Sodadb up and running. Yesterday I started testing. This will take a few weeks. I hope...

Simple Online Database

The blog is … online!

This is my first post for this blog dedicated to online databases. What can you expect? * latest news about online database apps * latest news about * new features on Sodadb * explanation and tutorials for Sodadb